Better Sleep for Unique Learners

According to the National Institute of Health, sleep problems are one of the...

Change Behavior with Sensory-Motor Rooms

More schools are implementing sensory-motor rooms to help de-escalate...

Movement Helps Writing

It might surprise you that physical movement is crucial to learning. Most...

Minimizing Errors in Schoolwork

Unique learners make errors in their school work for many reasons. Sometimes...

Fun Games to Improve Printing

Printing is one of those things that parents and teachers tend to put into the "just try harder" category. The thought is that more practice is needed. However, most unique learners who are struggling with printing have a physiological reason for their...

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Relief From Boredom

Boredom comes in many forms. Sometimes children are bored because they have “nothing to do”. Other times, children are bored because they aren’t engaged in the activity that they are expected to participate in. But boredom can be managed by controlling how...

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Improve Learning Skills This Summer

As summer break approaches, you may be worried about your child losing ground academically or that they didn’t make enough progress during the school year. Your unique learner’s teacher may have recommended summer school for your child. Your child is...

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Unique Learners on Vacation

Summer vacation can be particularly trying for parents of unique learners. These parents want to make special memories with their children. Their typical learners are excited and can hardly wait for the family vacation that will soon begin. Their unique...

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Tactile Hypersensitivity: Out of Touch

Many children suffer from tactile hypersensitivity. This is a little like having superpowers for your skin – but not in a good way. Before you assume your child is just being difficult, learn about tactile hypersensitivity and how it negatively impacts...

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Social Anxiety and the Unique Learner

Social anxiety in the unique learner can stem from several sources. Many of these causes are common among those who suffer from social anxiety. However, for the unique learner, being slightly out of step with the world around them can make the anxiety...

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How Visual Motor Ability Develops

How Visual Motor Ability Develops Visual motor ability is a developmentally acquired skill. One of, perhaps, hundreds of triggers for visual motor control occurs at the time that the infant begins to support their own head upright and against gravity. The...

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How Learning Occurs

When was the last time you thought about thinking? Have you ever thought about how learning is possible? Learning is kind of amazing when you think about it. Though learning something may require varying amounts of effort, the process that permits learning...

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Dealing With Stress to Prevent Burnout

The end of the school year is exciting – and exhausting. Teachers are often experiencing stress and burnout. It can be a very stressful time for teachers as they struggle to keep their students, and themselves, engaged. The students aren’t the only ones...

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