Building Routines for Back to School and Beyond

We all have heard that routines help children feel safe and secure. But when...

ADHD: Strategies for Sensory Hypersensitivity

Those with ADHD are often hypersensitive to sound and touch. These...

ADHD: Strategies for Time Management

Recently we discussed strategies to help those with attention deficit...

ADHD: Strategies for Disorganization

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a challenge for everyone...

Tactile Hypersensitivity: Out of Touch

Many children suffer from tactile hypersensitivity. This is a little like having superpowers for your skin – but not in a good way. Before you assume your child is just being difficult, learn about tactile hypersensitivity and how it negatively impacts...

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Social Anxiety and the Unique Learner

Social anxiety in the unique learner can stem from several sources. Many of these causes are common among those who suffer from social anxiety. However, for the unique learner, being slightly out of step with the world around them can make the anxiety...

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How Visual Motor Ability Develops

How Visual Motor Ability Develops Visual motor ability is a developmentally acquired skill. One of, perhaps, hundreds of triggers for visual motor control occurs at the time that the infant begins to support their own head upright and against gravity. The...

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How Learning Occurs

When was the last time you thought about thinking? Have you ever thought about how learning is possible? Learning is kind of amazing when you think about it. Though learning something may require varying amounts of effort, the process that permits learning...

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Dealing With Stress to Prevent Burnout

The end of the school year is exciting – and exhausting. Teachers are often experiencing stress and burnout. It can be a very stressful time for teachers as they struggle to keep their students, and themselves, engaged. The students aren’t the only ones...

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Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher communication can be challenging at times. Both parents and teachers can feel intimidated by the other person. Sometimes one or the other feels defensive about how well they are helping the unique learner. This is never more evident than...

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Does Clumsiness Affect Learning?

Does your unique learner struggle with clumsiness? Do you laughingly joke that your child is just “clumsy” or “a klutz”? While lack of coordination seems like no big deal, it is often just a symptom of a bigger challenge. These clumsy children bump into...

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Surprising Ways to Improve Executive Function

Executive function is the brain’s ability to resist temptations, stay focused, think before acting, and meet new and unexpected challenges, just to name a few. We often think of executive function as your child’s (lack of) ability to stay focused and turn...

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How To Talk To Your Unique Learner

When our children first start to speak, we are so excited. But as time goes on, we lose focus on the amazing ability to communicate with our child. We are still talking but may have forgotten to think about how we are talking. Body language and tone are...

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Managing Behavior in Unique Learners

Managing behavior is one of the toughest challenges a parent of a unique learner faces. You constantly question yourself. You aren’t sure if your child is taking advantage of their disability or if the behavior is something they really can’t help. It often...

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