Unique Learners on Vacation

Summer vacation can be particularly trying for parents of unique learners....

Tactile Hypersensitivity: Out of Touch

Many children suffer from tactile hypersensitivity. This is a little like...

Social Anxiety and the Unique Learner

Social anxiety in the unique learner can stem from several sources. Many of...

How Visual Motor Ability Develops

How Visual Motor Ability Develops Visual motor ability is a developmentally...

Managing Behavior in Unique Learners

Managing behavior is one of the toughest challenges a parent of a unique learner faces. You constantly question yourself. You aren’t sure if your child is taking advantage of their disability or if the behavior is something they really can’t help. It often...

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How Recess is Connected to Math

As a parent, it seems to make sense to tell your child that they can't go out to play until their homework is done. As a teacher, recess provides a "reward" that is often withheld from children who have been goofing off or who have not finished their...

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Something About Love

With hearts and flowers everywhere you look right now, thoughts of love aren’t far away. But is love flowers and candy in red boxes? And what about the heart? When we connect love to the heart, we don’t mean the literal heart organ that is so vital to...

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Give Me a Break!

When an athlete wants to improve their performance, one of the areas a trainer will often target is strength training. You might think of it as weight lifting. Strength is developed when muscles are stressed to the point of slight tearing followed by a...

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How Brushing Your Teeth Can Improve Printing

It’s easy to see when your child is struggling with printing. What isn’t as easy to see is that the strategy to improve printing is not writing “I will print neatly.” 100 times on the board. I am not saying that practice doesn’t help at all. However, the...

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Toe-Walking…What’s the Problem?

Sometimes the quirky things children do are just cute and don't indicate anything. Other times, unexpected behavior might be a red flag of an underlying issue. Is toe-walking one of those? Imagine a tiny, bright-eyed three-year-old tip-toeing joyfully from...

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Turning Over a New Leaf in the New Year

With the New Year upon us, a desire to turn over a new leaf and our annual resolution for self-improvement in hand, ask any parent or teacher and their goal is to "do better". Parents and educators both ask, "What's going on with our children?" and "What...

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