Managing Behavior in Unique Learners

Managing behavior is one of the toughest challenges a parent of a unique...

Sensory-Motor Feedback Loops: Action, Adjustment, Action

Sensory-motor feedback loops operate constantly in our bodies. A loop occurs...

How Recess is Connected to Math

As a parent, it seems to make sense to tell your child that they can't go...

Something About Love

With hearts and flowers everywhere you look right now, thoughts of love...

Catch Them Being Good

Whether a parent or a teacher, you have probably had times where you were very frustrated with your unique learner. You have probably been frustrated with your typical learners as well, but improving the behavior of a unique learner can be particularly...

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The Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

Thankful? You bet your lucky stars you are! Sharing your life with a unique learner stirs an aspect of the heart that embraces compassion. People that live and work with unique learners know how the experience continually taps into all things “good” about...

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How To Help Your Unique Learner Get Organized

Why can't your unique learner get organized? A hundred years ago, life moved at a slower pace. There were fewer demands on our time and less “stuff” to try to keep track of. Our modern world is much different. Even young children have many activities and...

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Calming the Chaos

Unique learners need your help to calm the chaos they feel in their mind and body. Sometimes the chaos results from their brains and bodies being too excited, and sometimes from not being excited enough. Regardless of the source, unique learners typically...

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The Trick to Using Scissors

Do you remember learning how to use scissors? How awkward and uncomfortable they felt in your hand? Using scissors isn’t a natural skill. Not only that, but you have to use left-handed scissors if you are left-handed and right-handed scissors if you are...

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Does Your Left Brain Cause Trouble?

Even those who grasp how important good brain function is will often miss the importance of the right brain/left brain connection. People don’t tend to think about their thinking. They don’t usually consider what is going on in their brain. An effective...

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