Tip-Toes: Solutions to Try

Toe-walking can limit children's agility, balance, and ability to...

Toe-Walking…What’s the Problem?

Sometimes the quirky things children do are just cute and don't indicate...

Movement Equals Improvement: Strategies to Try

The key to helping your unique learner "do better" in the New Year is...

Turning Over a New Leaf in the New Year

With the New Year upon us, a desire to turn over a new leaf and our annual...

The Trick to Using Scissors

Do you remember learning how to use scissors? How awkward and uncomfortable they felt in your hand? Using scissors isn’t a natural skill. Not only that, but you have to use left-handed scissors if you are left-handed and right-handed scissors if you are...

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Does Your Left Brain Cause Trouble?

Even those who grasp how important good brain function is will often miss the importance of the right brain/left brain connection. People don’t tend to think about their thinking. They don’t usually consider what is going on in their brain. An effective...

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How to Make the Most Out of an IEP

What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)? If your child is a unique learner, you have probably heard the term IEP. Understanding the term, let alone the whole process and what it means to your child’s education, can be difficult. Every child who...

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Use Double Checking to Increase Focus

What helps us increase focus? As an adult you know that the ability to pay attention and to control the content of your mind, is critical to a good life. When you pay attention, you feel good about reflecting who you are through your work, your roles, and...

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Do Reading Problems Suddenly Just Develop?

If a child suddenly seems to develop reading (or other academic) problems at third or fourth grade, most likely the problem was there all along. The previous primary school years just didn’t tax the student beyond their ability to cope. Through much of primary school...

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Preparing Your Unique Learner for College Life

Unique Learners and College Considering college or university is often a highly stressful event for all teenagers. Typically, someone else has been making all the decisions and suddenly, the teen must decide what they want to “be” and where they should go to school....

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How to Prevent Stress from Shutting Down Learning

Do you know how stress affects the body? You are probably familiar with the “deer in the headlights” phrase. It indicates that the oncoming lights and sounds are so stressful for the deer that it freezes. You are also aware of the “fight or flight” response. In a...

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How to Develop Self-Esteem in Unique Learners

Many unique learners have low self-esteem and experience a sense of shame because they aren’t like others. They think that because they struggle academically, they must be stupid. Their self-concept is skewed by this inaccurate self-assessment. The truth is, unique...

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Visual-Spatial Training Strategies to Try

When designing your own visual-spatial training program for your unique learner, the sky is the limit! Children and adults who have difficulty with their visual system can all benefit from exercises and activities designed to facilitate the background skills necessary...

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See Here! Visual-Spatial Awareness

How many times have you told your child, “Look at me”? Or, “do you ‘see’ what you need to do”, and, “check that out”? These kinds of phrases are a normal part of our vocabulary, but for unique learners with visual-spatial awareness problems, these words are almost...

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