A licensed individual whose occupation is based on creating a plan to help an individual with developmen­tal challenges, physical injury or illness, cognitive impairment, or a dysfunctional condition (such as psychosocial, mental or education­al), in order that they become successful and independent in their setting.

OT treatment is aimed to promote independence in life skills. It is initiated with an OT evaluation. When evaluating a unique learner, the following considerations are important:

  1. Is the behavior universal or are they showing difficulties only at certain and specific times?
  2. Does their level of stimulation seem appropriate most of the time or are there times when they seem inappropriately revved up or too slowed down?
  3. How is their sense of rhythm?  Can they keep time to a clapping or stomping beat?
  4. How is their coordination overall?  Do they often appear to be awkward and clumsy or are they smooth, timely, and organized?

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