Movement Helps Writing

It might surprise you that physical movement is crucial to learning. Most...

Minimizing Errors in Schoolwork

Unique learners make errors in their school work for many reasons. Sometimes...

Eating Behaviors of Unique Learners

Many unique learners struggle with eating for a variety of reasons. You have...

Building Routines for Back to School and Beyond

We all have heard that routines help children feel safe and secure. But when...

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ADHD: Strategies for Time Management

ADHD: Strategies for Time Management

Recently we discussed strategies to help those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) overcome the disorganization and excuse making so common to those with ADHD. Strategies to improve these areas included both physical and mental activities...

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ADHD: Strategies for Disorganization

ADHD: Strategies for Disorganization

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a challenge for everyone who faces it, regardless of their age. ADHD is typically quite frustrating, both for the person who has it and for the people around them. Among other things, disorganization,...

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Independence is Possible for Unique Learners

Independence is Possible for Unique Learners

Independence can seem like a distant goal for parents whose children struggle with learning disabilities. These children are unique learners and independence is one more thing that they must learn in a different way. Independence is being able to function...

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Fun Games to Improve Printing

Fun Games to Improve Printing

Printing is one of those things that parents and teachers tend to put into the "just try harder" category. The thought is that more practice is needed. However, most unique learners who are struggling with printing have a physiological reason for their...

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Help Your Socially Awkward Child: Strategies to Try

Help Your Socially Awkward Child: Strategies to Try

Unexpected and surprising behavior can be challenging when it is just you and your child. When it crops up in social situations it can feel very awkward. By planning ahead, you will know what to do if a situation suddenly arises. A guideline of how to...

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Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions

Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions.

Unique learners are children and adults who learn differently. They may have been diagnosed with hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder or they may just have trouble reading and writing at school.

Whether you teach or parent a unique learner or whether you are a unique learner yourself, you have probably found yourself frustrated to find real solutions.

We are here to help.

At Unique Learner Solutions we offer support, resources, information and consultations.

The unique learner can have one of many different learning challenges. Whatever that is, the unique learner learners in a way that is different from typical learners.

Though they might not think so due to how they struggle in school, this is to the unique learner’s benefit as they are able to solve difficult problems and create amazing things because of their non-typical ways of approaching information.

Einstein and Edison were both unique learners, along with a long list of other game changers.

The challenge is how to function in a typical world when your style is unique.

That’s why we are here. We can help.

Click here to learn what the VPT is and what’s going on in the brain of a unique learner.

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