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How Recess is Connected to Math

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Improving Spatial Awareness Through Sensory Processing

Improving Spatial Awareness Through Sensory Processing

Spatial awareness is created through correct sensory processing. Here are five simple activities that you can do with your child or student to improve their sensory processing abilities. Building 3-D structures – 3-D structures can be built from Legos,...

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Spatial Awareness: A Basic Building Block For Learning

Spatial Awareness: A Basic Building Block For Learning

Spatial awareness is simply the brain’s ability to judge and navigate space. You have probably heard the term before. At first glance, it seems very simple and obvious. But a lack of spatial awareness can cause major issues in a person’s life. While...

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Give Me a Break!

Give Me a Break!

When an athlete wants to improve their performance, one of the areas a trainer will often target is strength training. You might think of it as weight lifting. Strength is developed when muscles are stressed to the point of slight tearing followed by a...

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How Brushing Your Teeth Can Improve Printing

How Brushing Your Teeth Can Improve Printing

It’s easy to see when your child is struggling with printing. What isn’t as easy to see is that the strategy to improve printing is not writing “I will print neatly.” 100 times on the board. I am not saying that practice doesn’t help at all. However, the...

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Tip-Toes: Solutions to Try

Tip-Toes: Solutions to Try

Toe-walking can limit children's agility, balance, and ability to participate in fun activities. Here are some simple strategies you can use to develop normal walking patterns. Weighted Down The use of ankle weights and/or a downward pressure applied...

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Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions

Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions.

Unique learners are children and adults who learn differently. They may have been diagnosed with hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder or they may just have trouble reading and writing at school.

Whether you teach or parent a unique learner or whether you are a unique learner yourself, you have probably found yourself frustrated to find real solutions.

We are here to help.

At Unique Learner Solutions we offer support, resources, information and consultations.

The unique learner can have one of many different learning challenges. Whatever that is, the unique learner learners in a way that is different from typical learners.

Though they might not think so due to how they struggle in school, this is to the unique learner’s benefit as they are able to solve difficult problems and create amazing things because of their non-typical ways of approaching information.

Einstein and Edison were both unique learners, along with a long list of other game changers.

The challenge is how to function in a typical world when your style is unique.

That’s why we are here. We can help.

Click here to learn what the VPT is and what’s going on in the brain of a unique learner.

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