Managing Behavior in Unique Learners

Managing behavior is one of the toughest challenges a parent of a unique...

Sensory-Motor Feedback Loops: Action, Adjustment, Action

Sensory-motor feedback loops operate constantly in our bodies. A loop occurs...

How Recess is Connected to Math

As a parent, it seems to make sense to tell your child that they can't go...

Something About Love

With hearts and flowers everywhere you look right now, thoughts of love...

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Toe-Walking…What’s the Problem?

Toe-Walking…What’s the Problem?

Sometimes the quirky things children do are just cute and don't indicate anything. Other times, unexpected behavior might be a red flag of an underlying issue. Is toe-walking one of those? Imagine a tiny, bright-eyed three-year-old tip-toeing joyfully from...

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Movement Equals Improvement: Strategies to Try

Movement Equals Improvement: Strategies to Try

The key to helping your unique learner "do better" in the New Year is movement. The following strategies will show you how to use movement that will help your child and will feel like a fun game. Some exercises will be more enjoyable for younger children...

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Turning Over a New Leaf in the New Year

Turning Over a New Leaf in the New Year

With the New Year upon us, a desire to turn over a new leaf and our annual resolution for self-improvement in hand, ask any parent or teacher and their goal is to "do better". Parents and educators both ask, "What's going on with our children?" and "What...

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Catch Them Being Good

Catch Them Being Good

Whether a parent or a teacher, you have probably had times where you were very frustrated with your unique learner. You have probably been frustrated with your typical learners as well, but improving the behavior of a unique learner can be particularly...

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Help Your Unique Learner Prepare for New Experiences

Help Your Unique Learner Prepare for New Experiences

New Experiences Can Be Scary For Unique Learners This time of year brings new experiences that seem exciting but may cause distress to your child. This might look like acting out or misbehaving, but it is typically a reaction that indicates they are...

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Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions

Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions.

Unique learners are children and adults who learn differently. They may have been diagnosed with hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder or they may just have trouble reading and writing at school.

Whether you teach or parent a unique learner or whether you are a unique learner yourself, you have probably found yourself frustrated to find real solutions.

We are here to help.

At Unique Learner Solutions we offer support, resources, information and consultations.

The unique learner can have one of many different learning challenges. Whatever that is, the unique learner learners in a way that is different from typical learners.

Though they might not think so due to how they struggle in school, this is to the unique learner’s benefit as they are able to solve difficult problems and create amazing things because of their non-typical ways of approaching information.

Einstein and Edison were both unique learners, along with a long list of other game changers.

The challenge is how to function in a typical world when your style is unique.

That’s why we are here. We can help.

Click here to learn what the VPT is and what’s going on in the brain of a unique learner.

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