Tip-Toes: Solutions to Try

Toe-walking can limit children's agility, balance, and ability to...

Toe-Walking…What’s the Problem?

Sometimes the quirky things children do are just cute and don't indicate...

Movement Equals Improvement: Strategies to Try

The key to helping your unique learner "do better" in the New Year is...

Turning Over a New Leaf in the New Year

With the New Year upon us, a desire to turn over a new leaf and our annual...

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Teaching Gratitude: Strategies to Try

Teaching Gratitude: Strategies to Try

Gratitude is a habit we can build just like any other. Habits are developed when specific activities are done over and over. This is true of both good and bad habits. Here are several activities that you and your unique learner can do to develop an...

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The Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

The Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

Thankful? You bet your lucky stars you are! Sharing your life with a unique learner stirs an aspect of the heart that embraces compassion. People that live and work with unique learners know how the experience continually taps into all things “good” about...

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Organizing Strategies to Try

Organizing Strategies to Try

By improving how well the vesitbular and proprioceptive systems work, organization, time management and focus increase. Vestibular System Vestibular exercises focus on improving balance and gaining an understanding of how much space your body takes up as...

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How To Help Your Unique Learner Get Organized

How To Help Your Unique Learner Get Organized

Why can't your unique learner get organized? A hundred years ago, life moved at a slower pace. There were fewer demands on our time and less “stuff” to try to keep track of. Our modern world is much different. Even young children have many activities and...

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Calming the Chaos

Calming the Chaos

Unique learners need your help to calm the chaos they feel in their mind and body. Sometimes the chaos results from their brains and bodies being too excited, and sometimes from not being excited enough. Regardless of the source, unique learners typically...

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Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions

Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions.

Unique learners are children and adults who learn differently. They may have been diagnosed with hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder or they may just have trouble reading and writing at school.

Whether you teach or parent a unique learner or whether you are a unique learner yourself, you have probably found yourself frustrated to find real solutions.

We are here to help.

At Unique Learner Solutions we offer support, resources, information and consultations.

The unique learner can have one of many different learning challenges. Whatever that is, the unique learner learners in a way that is different from typical learners.

Though they might not think so due to how they struggle in school, this is to the unique learner’s benefit as they are able to solve difficult problems and create amazing things because of their non-typical ways of approaching information.

Einstein and Edison were both unique learners, along with a long list of other game changers.

The challenge is how to function in a typical world when your style is unique.

That’s why we are here. We can help.

Click here to learn what the VPT is and what’s going on in the brain of a unique learner.

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