Conquering Boredom: Strategies to Try

Your child’s boredom presents an opportunity for them to learn how to manage...

Relief From Boredom

Boredom comes in many forms. Sometimes children are bored because they have...

Improve Learning Skills This Summer

As summer break approaches, you may be worried about your child losing...

Unique Learners on Vacation

Summer vacation can be particularly trying for parents of unique learners....

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Does Clumsiness Affect Learning?

Does Clumsiness Affect Learning?

Does your unique learner struggle with clumsiness? Do you laughingly joke that your child is just “clumsy” or “a klutz”? While lack of coordination seems like no big deal, it is often just a symptom of a bigger challenge. These clumsy children bump into...

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Surprising Ways to Improve Executive Function

Surprising Ways to Improve Executive Function

Executive function is the brain’s ability to resist temptations, stay focused, think before acting, and meet new and unexpected challenges, just to name a few. We often think of executive function as your child’s (lack of) ability to stay focused and turn...

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How To Talk To Your Unique Learner

How To Talk To Your Unique Learner

When our children first start to speak, we are so excited. But as time goes on, we lose focus on the amazing ability to communicate with our child. We are still talking but may have forgotten to think about how we are talking. Body language and tone are...

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Managing Behavior in Unique Learners

Managing Behavior in Unique Learners

Managing behavior is one of the toughest challenges a parent of a unique learner faces. You constantly question yourself. You aren’t sure if your child is taking advantage of their disability or if the behavior is something they really can’t help. It often...

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Sensory-Motor Feedback Loops: Action, Adjustment, Action

Sensory-Motor Feedback Loops: Action, Adjustment, Action

Sensory-motor feedback loops operate constantly in our bodies. A loop occurs when: Information comes in through the senses and is sent to the brain. The brain evaluates the information and dictates a response or action. The sensory system observes the...

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Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions

Welcome to Unique Learner Solutions.

Unique learners are children and adults who learn differently. They may have been diagnosed with hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder or they may just have trouble reading and writing at school.

Whether you teach or parent a unique learner or whether you are a unique learner yourself, you have probably found yourself frustrated to find real solutions.

We are here to help.

At Unique Learner Solutions we offer support, resources, information and consultations.

The unique learner can have one of many different learning challenges. Whatever that is, the unique learner learners in a way that is different from typical learners.

Though they might not think so due to how they struggle in school, this is to the unique learner’s benefit as they are able to solve difficult problems and create amazing things because of their non-typical ways of approaching information.

Einstein and Edison were both unique learners, along with a long list of other game changers.

The challenge is how to function in a typical world when your style is unique.

That’s why we are here. We can help.

Click here to learn what the VPT is and what’s going on in the brain of a unique learner.

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