Doorway Swing Support Bar

Swinging is a great vestibular exercise. Unfortunately, not only are swings are not found on playgrounds as often as in the past, but also many people don’t have an outside available where they could hang a swing. The Doorway Swing Bar and Swing (sold separately) solves this problem. Get the Strap Swing HERE.


Doorway Swing Support Bar – $129.99

Turn your Doorway into a Swing Space

Swing, climb or glide year-round without leaving your room! This Doorway Swing Support Bar installs in seconds, turning any doorway into a sensory integration center for play and therapy. Best of all, the door can be opened or closed without removing the support bar.

  • Supports indoor swinging, climbing or gliding
  • Creates a therapy space for kids with sensory processing disorder, autism or ADHD
  • Encourages sensory integration and heavy work

Getting Started

Mounting hardware is included.  Supports any 2-point therapy swing (see accessories tab).  Swings should be used with adult supervision.


For returns, a 20% restocking fee is applied.


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