Use the HeartFlex® for a gross motor movement break. Unique learners benefit tremendously from recess at school and playing outside at home, but when that isn’t possible, use the HeartFlex® instead. The versatile HeartFlex® exerciser utilizes a unique resistance assembly consisting of 18 precision ball-and-socket joints. This design creates the Consistent-Resistance™ that simulates the frictional resistance of a hand moving through water.

It is perfect for beginning exercisers and provides the added benefit of building hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, arm, shoulder, chest, and back strength. That means that in addition to a just-right gross motor movement break the HeartFlex® will help improve gross- and fine-motor coordination and strength.

Includes Instructional DVD: Demonstrates standard Heartflex® exercises, 35 muscle-strengthening movements, and bonus segments focused on walking.


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