Weighted Blanket


A weighted blanket can be just the thing to calm down an overstimulated or anxious child. Can also contribute to better sleep in some unique learners. This product is available through our affiliate partner, FunandFunction.com. Weighted blankets are helpful for promoting sleep and creating an ideal inhibitory state for unique learners who are too revved up. Choice of soft blue, blue faux fur or zebra faux fur.


Weighted Blanket-Single – $79.99

Bring on the zzz’s or help induce calm with our weighted blanket. Ideal for sleepwalkers and night crawlers as well as for kids who have trouble settling down to sleep — and for all who crave a calming hug. Weight is evenly distributed throughout to prevent bunching. Blanket is available in three sizes and varying weights. Blue with green trim. Soft polyester blend and weighted with small steel shot pellets. Hand wash. For extra weight and tactile stimulation, add a slipcover. Choice of soft blue, blue faux fur or zebra faux fur. Slipcover adds an extra pound of weight. Machine wash. Not for use with small children. Never place in a crib with an infant. Use with adult supervision. Age 3+


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